Fruit large or very large, about 8-10 g, hearty, elongated. Karmic red peel with a brown tinge, covered with bright points. The meat is hard, bright red, aromatic, very tasty. Collective maturity reaches the second decade of July.


Fruits large, 8-9.5g, wide-hearted, sometimes elongated. Red peel, light red, juicy, tasty. Collective maturity reaches mid-July.


The fruits are very large, weighing 10-13 g, and in some years they even exceed 15 g. They have a wide heart-shaped shape. They are covered with dark red, shiny skin. The flesh is red, cartilaginous, very tasty. The fruits are distinguished by their good taste. Harvesting takes place in mid-July.


Fruits are large or very large, 8-9g, heart-shaped, dark red, with a strong shine and high hardness. The flesh is crunchy, sweet and very tasty. It reaches harvest maturity at the turn of July and August.


Large or very large fruit, 9-10.5g, red, shiny fruit, with very tasty, juicy and very sweet flesh. The fruit rarely cracks and tolerates transport well. Staccato cherry is a relatively new Canadian variety resulting from free pollination of the Sweetheart variety. It reaches harvest maturity in August.

Grace Star

Italian variety, the fruits are tasty, large and not susceptible to cracking. It reaches collective maturity in early July.


A Canadian variety, very productive, obtained as a result of crossing the Bing and Stella varieties. Its large, tasty and firm fruits are harvested in the second half of July.


This Czech cherry captivates with its exceptionally aromatic taste with subtle acidity, it is very sweet and has an elegant wine aroma. Its large, heart-shaped fruit is extremely hard, juicy and dark red, with colored juice. It reaches collective maturity in early July.