About us


The history of the GALSTER Fruit Producers Group dates back to 1974, when Albin and Grazyna Doughnut founded the GALSTER Fruit Farm in Wierzchucice (the former Bydgoszcz province is now a province. Kujawsko-Pomerani

an). Years of orchard experience and successive implementation of innovations imported both from home and abroad have created a well-functioning farm. In 2008, the Galster Fruit Producers Group was established, bringing together local producers of apples, pears, plums, cherries and cherries. The

Group continuously invests in modern refrigeration, sorting and transport technologies. It operates in hypermarkets, delicatessen and wholesale markets both domestic and foreign. Gals

ter Farm was in 2001 a finalist of the 8th edition of the FARMER FARMER OF THE YEAR competition, which is a unique distinction for Polish agricultural producers.

In 2012, GPO Galster was awarded the "Family Companies 2012" ranking organized by Newsweek Polska. In the Mikro category in the Kujawsko-Pomeranian Voivodeship we took 4th place, and in the general ranking 92nd place out of 2000 classified companies from all over Polish.

Production technology

GALSTER is a group of modern fruit farms equipped with specialized machines, equipment and cooling plants ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen), necessary for the production, storage and sale of fruits of the highest quality.

Orchard production is equipped with a drip irrigation system, which allows you to get beautiful and fruity fruits. Storing the fruit in cold storage with a low oxygen content guarantees the freshness and firmness of the fruit throughout the year. Greef MSE 2000 water unloading sorting machine allows you to select fruits at the highest level to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The transport of fruit in refrigerated cars ensures that their temperature is maintained throughout the distribution process until the final recipient.


GALSTER supplies the fruits of hypermarket chains, supermarkets, delicatessen shops as well as processing and confectionery facilities in the Polish.

The company also cooperates with customers from European and non-European countries, preparing fruits in bulk quantities, calibrated, packaged and labeled according to the customer's requirements.


Galster Fruit Producers Group is open to commercial cooperation as well as joining our group, fruit growers producing high quality fruits.

We guarantee the highest standard of storage, computer sorting and a wide market for the fruits produced by you. Thanks to a wide range of customers, we provide too much fruit in different varieties and calibers. We have a fleet of vans and trucks. We provide our own cartons in different sizes.

Producers interested in cooperation are welcome to contact us.


All holdings in the group are certified for Integrated Fruit Production

GPO Galster is GAP certified

This document confirms that a number of requirements for primary production have been met. It ensures the highest quality and, above all, the safety of the food produced. It is a certificate of health safety of products and confirmation of compliance of the production process with international standards.

The production part of the plant, cold rooms, sorting plants and transport meet the requirements of HACCP, i.e. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. This system ensures the safety of the food produced.