January 17, 2024 – During the debate “Is it worth giving up apples” at TSW 2024, Paweł Pączka (orchard grower and president of the Galster producer group) talked about his adventure with cherries, which he grows today on a large area. In his opinion, you can make money from them, but with some reservations. In the current market conditions, large investments are necessary, primarily in roofing and irrigation with fertigation.

There is no ready-made recipe for success when it comes to alternative species for apple trees. Nevertheless, Mr. Paweł Pączka is a strong supporter of crop diversification.
On the other hand, despite the unfavorable economy and rising production costs in the face of unchanged prices, he still knows many fruit growers who are successful in producing Gala. However, these fruit growers have a very extensive technical background, produce the highest quality goods and have been doing it for years. More information in the video.