The main event of this week was the Lublin conference on “The future of the Polish apple”, which took place on December 4th and was organized by the Society for the Development of Dwarf Orchards.

I am pleased to inform you that we were present at the conference and we were represented by The Chairman of the Board Mr. Paweł Pączka and Director Mr. Sebastian Szymanowski.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the first reports of this meeting:

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mMore information reporting on the conference, including films from lectures, will be published in the coming days We

will also be able to read the coverage of the gala of the Agrobusier Awards of The Republic of Poland 2013. The honorees were: Beata,Ilona, Jerzy, Andrzej and Waldemar Żółcik – co-owners of ActivPPHU.W
e also recommend the article: Packaging management obligations for fruit and vegetable producer groups. I ren

t bees – this is a new advertising service on the portal. It has already made the first announcements about the rental of hives for
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