Tractor driver – a tractor operator on an orchard farm

A fruit farm is looking for a tractor driver.

Your responsibilities:

  • Field work (e.g. spraying),
  • Agricultural machinery operation,
  • Working on a tractor while cultivating orchards,
  • Renovation and economic works,
  • Work related to the cultivation and transport of fruit,
  • Taking care of the entrusted equipment and systematically checking the technical condition of the tractor.

Our expectations: 

  • Driving license category T or B+E,
  • Experience in working in a similar position,
  • Knowledge of operating a tractor and agricultural machinery,
  • Ability to independently repair and maintain equipment,
  • availability,
  • Basic machine mechanics skills,
  • Possibility to travel within a certain radius of the workplace,
  • Conscientiousness and care for the entrusted equipment,
  • Ability to perform physical work and readiness to work in various weather conditions.

Stationary work in the Sicienko commune.


Kontakt w godzinach od 7:00 do 15:00

tel. +48 660 043 558