On August 24, 2013, galster’s new storage and sorting facility was opened.

The ceremony was attended by excellent guests.

They mi.in:

– Voivode of Kujawsko-Pomerania, p. Eve Mes,

– Deputy Marshal of kujawsko-Pomeranian Voivodeship, p. Dariusz Kurzawa,

– President of ARiMR, p. Andrew Gross,

– Deputy Director of ARiMR OR in Toruń, p. Kamil Kalemba,

– Deputy Starosta Bydgoski, p. Zbigniew Łuczak,

– Mayor of Sicienko Municipality, p. John Wach,

– President of the National Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers’ Groups, Dr. Witold Boguta,

– President of the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers “Cuiavia”, p. Michal Groblewski,

– President of the Vistula Employers’ Association “Leviathan”, p. Roman Rogalski,

– Chairman of the Board of the Society for the Development of Dwarf Orchards, Prof. Dr. Hab. Eberhard Makosz,

The ceremony was celebrated with a blanket of bydgoszcz violinist ensemble Queens of Violins.