March 21, 2024 – Article: Zbyszek Chołyk: Ultimately, there will be 200 hectares of Magic Star® in Poland

At the conference organized by the Galster group, the club’s Magic Star® variety was presented. The first batches were introduced by Stryjno Sad. For Easter, selected Biedronka stores will offer a club variety from Polish orchards – Magic Star®. 

Paweł Pączka, President of Galster, is closely watching the club variety: We are looking at this variety. We want to develop this brand in our area. The industry has a problem with profitability, this variety is more expensive on the market and offers different prospects for fruit growers.

The presentation of the new variety met with great interest. This is an opportunity for fruit growers, notes Sebastian Szymanowski, general director of Galster.

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