The history of the Group of Fruit Producers Galster started in 1974, when Albin and Grazyna Pączka founded the Gospodarstwo Sadownicze GALSTER in Wierzchucice (former Bydgoskie voivoidship,  today Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivoidship).

Years of orchard experience and gradual implementation of innovations coming from both Poland and abroad helped to create a properly functioning farm. In 2008, the Grupa Producentów Owoców GALSTER sp. z o.o.  was established  and it brings together local producers of apples, pears, plums, sweet cherries and cherries.

The Group continues to invest in new cooling and sorting technologies and transport solutions. It operates on supermarkets, delicatessens and wholesale markets, both local and international.

In 2001 Gospodarstwo Sadownicze GALSTER was a finalist of the VIII th edition of the  FARMER OF THE YEAR competition which is a unique distinction for Polish farmers.

In 2012, the GPO Galster was the laureate of the "Family Firms 2012"  ranking organized by the "Newsweek Poland". In the Micro category on the territory of  kujawsko-pomorskie voivoidship we took 4th place and in the general ranking 92nd  place for  2000 classified companies from Poland.

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